Name change options following divorce or separation

Following divorce a woman has the right to continue to use her ex-husband’s name. This remains the case even if he remarries.

If you want to change back to your maiden name, you can often use your Decree Absolute document as evidence of your right to use your maiden name, but you may prefer to make this change of legal name by Deed Poll. The Deed Poll document can show your change of name and change of title, and will be accepted by all UK organisations in place of your divorce documents.

If you want to change your name in any other way, e.g. to change your first or middle names, or to use a last name that is neither your married name nor your maiden name, a Deed Poll document will always be required to show the change from one name to another.

Following separation a woman has the right to do any of the following, but ALL of these options require a Deed Poll document to legally show the change from one name to another.

• Revert to her maiden name by Deed Poll prior to the divorce being finalised
• Change to another completely different name of her choice by Deed Poll
• Change title by Deed Poll at the same time as executing either of the above changes, e.g. from Mrs to Miss or Ms.

To apply for your change of name by Deed Poll please click here

Or call us on 01628 476657 Monday to Friday between 9am & 5pm, and we will be pleased to talk you through your options.

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