What changes can I make to my name?

A Deed Poll enables you to make any change to your name that you may require, for example:

• first name can be changed
• last name can be changed
• names can be removed
• names can be added
• names can be rearranged
• spelling of names can be changed

You can choose almost any name you like so long as it does not include numbers or symbols.

Hyphens and apostrophes are acceptable, such as Mary-Jane, or O’Reilly.

It should be possible to pronounce the name, and the name should include a minimum of one first name and one last name.

The Name Change Company will not accept applications for a Deed Poll that it considers to be offensive, or may result in others believing that you have a title such as Lord or Sir when this is not the case.

The Name Change Company reserves the right to decline any application, and return in full any payment made.

A change of name must not be for fraudulent or deceptive purposes, or result in the financial loss of a third party or an illegal act being committed.

Click here to apply for your Deed Poll now.

Alternatively call us and we will be pleased to deal with your application over the telephone. Call 01628 476657 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

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