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Deed Poll is the most common way to change your name in the UK, and is recognised by all UK organisations and government departments. A Deed Poll can be used to have your UK passport, driving licence, credit cards, and insurance documents, savings accounts etc. changed or reissued to show your new name.

You can change all or part of your name by Deed Poll. For example, you can change your name completely, or you can choose to just change your first name, middle name, or surname. You may want to change the spelling of your name, or perhaps add or remove a name, and any of these options are possible by Deed Poll.

If you are looking to change your name or your child's name by Deed Poll, The Name Change Company can provide advice and assistance.

If you complete a simple online form we can prepare your Deed Poll document for you and send it to you by first class mail within three working days. Click on Deed Poll below to read more.

After you have changed your name, we can also assist you to quickly and easily notify UK organisations that your name has been changed. Click on New Name Kit below to read more about this time-saving online service.

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Our Deed Polls are accepted by UK organisations and UK government departments including the Identity and Passport Service, DVLA, and HM Revenue and Customs.
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